What can I offer you as an Advisor?

One-stop shop and bespoke solutions that will drive efficiency

From founding your business to analysing and implementing appropriate solutions.

Our work is client-centred from the first minute on. We choose our mandates carefully and aim for long-term partnership that is high-quality, personal, collaborative and sustainable.
Learn more about our offering by browsing our 5 phases advice. For start-ups and small business we recommend phases 1 to 3. Depending on how long you are in business you may find that phase 4 is of interest too.


Preparation phase:
Start your own business

I offer you support and advice in:

Setting up your business with a business- and action plan

Creating & registering your company online

Setting up your business bank account

Domain name registration

Business phone number

Domicile service

Creating a basic home page

Setting up your Web space


Start your own business phase:
Run your business

I offer you support and advice in:

Creating an operational model – who does what, including definitions of processes and roles & responsibilities

All Marketing & Communications related questions

Defining your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Building and growing your network

Creating your monthly performance report indicators


Run your business phase:
After the first 12 months

I offer you support and advice in:

Assess current situation and adjust future situation strategy

Design gap analysis

Adjusting your KPI’s and Business Strategy (Key Performance Indicators & Monthly performance report)

Updating Marketing & Communication Strategy

Managing the project


Growing & Sustaining phase:
You want to grow your business

I offer you support and advice in:

Analysing your current situation

Defining your growth strategy

Project – and Knowledge Management capabilities and expertise

Managing your organisational change (Systems, Processes, Human Resources, Communication)

Building the case for and managing Internal & External Change Management Initiative


Optimisation phase:

I offer you support and advice in:

Managing the people & logistics aspect of a reorganisation (merger, wind down)

Defining the right Communications strategy & activities

Ad interim line management

Transfer or check out personnel


Adjust HR processes to new situation

Asha Jain Cornet — Smart Change
Change Management Consultant
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